Cylindrical Batteries Formation and Grading Machine for Battery Pack Assembly

This battery formation and grading machine is mainly for cylindrical batteries 18650, 26650, 32650, 21700 charging and discharging.
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Cylindrical Battery Formation and Grading Machine for 18650 21700 26650 32650


1. Equipment Function Introduction

This testing systemis used for pre-charging activation of lithium battery and capacity sorting of finished battery. It is mainly composed of computer system and control software, communication interface and battery testing cabinet.

Operation procedure: the battery clamps symmetrically placed onequipment, before loading, adjust the width of the clamps, manually insert the battery cells into the clamps. The formation or capacitygrading processsent by computer or control panel, then start the equipment, then testing is completed, the data can be sent to EXCEL, ACCESS, WORD files, and exported to the database system.

2. Technical Parameters


Cylinrical Battery Formation and Grading Machine AOT-BFG512-5V3A

Power source

AC380V Transformed to 220V/50HZ;power≤10KW.

Control mode

FCL control

Charge mode

Constant Current(CC)、Constant Voltage(CV)、CCCV。

Charging cut-off condition

Voltage, current, time, capacity

Discharge mode


CCCV source

The battery has no impact when switching from constant current to constant voltage.

Discharging cut-off condition

Voltage, time, capacity

Protect function

1. Safety protection: over current, under current, over voltage, low voltage, over capacity, leakage current, reverse connection protection;

2. Data protection: With datapower-downprotection function.

Workflow setting

64 steps and 256 cycles.

Sampling inspection cycle

≤8s (Whole cabinet)

Grading method

Sorting under various conditions (capacity, time, open circuit voltage, discharge platform, etc.).

Program upgrade

Send installation package upgrade online remotely.

Software function

It can record voltage, current, time, capacity and other data, has powerful data processing functions, provides multiple curve modes, and can output generated text, EXCEL, WORD, or MDB database format files.

Channel parameter

Voltage testing range

0 - 5V,resolution 1mv

Voltage range

Charging0V - 4.5V, discharging4.5V - 2V

Voltage accuracy

± (0.1%RD + 0.1%FS)

Current accuracy

± (0.1%RD + 0.1%FS)

Current range

Charging0.005A -3A , discharging 0.005A -3A,resolution1mA

Battery spacing


Battery height


18650 Cylindrical Battery Testing System

18650 Battery Formation and grading machine

18650 battery Clamps

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