Lab Planetary Vacuum Mixer Machine for Lithium Battery Slurry Mixing

Planetary Vacuum Mixer Machine is mainly used in various lithium battery slurry and other types of solvent and powder mixing processes. Small processing capacity, high viscosity coverage, and stirring well are the characteristics of the equipment.
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Planetary Vacuum Mixer Machine for Lab Battery Materials Mixing


AOT-PVM-500 Compact planetary vacuum mixer is a high-efficiency equipment with vacuum and dispersion function, It is suitable for the lithium ion battery lab research during anode and cathode electrode slurry mixing process, it can be also used for the powdered and ceramic material materials mixing.

Main feature:

1. The equipment comes standard with a two-axis planetary stirring structure, agitator mixing paddles, and different mixing shaft forms and combinations according to the size of the mixing tank.

2. Designed the positive and negative stirring function, which can achieve high speed mixing of higher viscosity slurry, good mixing uniformity

3.Vacuum environment, effectively remove the bubbles generated by the mixing process, the machine comes with a vacuum system

4.Multi-speed operation, set the stirring speed and time of each section, automatic mixing and shutdown

5.Elastic bracket design for easy operation and safety during vacuum mixing process.



Planetary Vacuum Mixing Machine AOT-PVM-500

Power Source

AC110-240V, Frequency 50/60Hz,Power 230W

Operating Environment

Recommended ambient temperature 25±3°C, humidity 30-90RH, no vibration and electromagnetic interference

Rotate Speed



Built-in vacuum pump, vacuum degree 0.08Mpa


0-600 min can be set

Multi-segment Function

Threesegmentsspeed can be set

Mixing Jar

Standard double-shaft screw stirring paddle


Max.10000mpa.S at 600r/min speed

Mixing Jar Capacity

150ml/250ml/500ml SUS304 stainless steel optional

Tank Temperature Control

Optional heating and cooling function components

Working Voltage




Net Weight

About 35KG

Compact Dual Mixing Shaft Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Battery

Lab Small Planetary Vacuum Mixer Machine for Li-ion Battery Slurry Mixing

Portable Lab Planetary Vacuum Mixer with Built in Vacuum Pump

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