• Battery Slurry Vacuum Film Coating Machine shipped to Germany
    Jun 23,2022.

    Battery Slurry Vacuum Film Coating Machine shipped to Germany

    The coating machine has been packaged and will be shipped to customers in Germany by DHL express.This is a university in Germany that bought our Crimping Machine and Electric Vacuum Mixer.Customers say that our equipment quality and service are very satisfied, and they will buy from us next time. This is a touch-screen film coater which widely used in all kinds of high- temperature film coating research,like ceramic films, crystal films, battery material films, and special namo-films, and can adapt to the technology development of high temperature film coating in future. AOTELEC also supplies lithium battery materials and sodium battery materials. If you are interested, please contact me
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  • What Are The Main Anode Materials For Lithium ion Batteries
    Jun 14,2022.

    What Are The Main Anode Materials For Lithium ion Batteries

    The anode electrode of lithium ion battery is made of anode electrode active material carbon material or non-carbon material, binder and additive to make paste glue, which is evenly spread on both sides of copper foil, dried and rolled. The cathode material is the main body of lithium ion battery to store lithium, so that lithium ions are inserted and extracted during the charging and discharging process. The current lithium-ion battery anode materials have developed from a single artificial graphite to natural graphite, mesocarbon microspheres, artificial graphite, soft carbon/hard carbon, amorphous carbon, lithium titanate, silicon carbon alloy and other negative electrodes material coexistence. Negative material: graphite is mostly used. New research finds that titanates may be a better material. Negative reaction: lithium ions are inserted during charging, and lithium ions are de-inserted during discharge. When charging: xLi++ xe-+ 6C → LixC6 When discharging: LixC6 → xLi++ xe-+ 6C. Lithium-ion battery anode materials are roughly divided into six types: carbon anode materials, alloy anode materials, tin-based anode materials, lithium-containing transition metal nitride anode materials, nanoscale materials, and nanoscale anode materials. The first is carbon anode material: the battery anode materials actually used in lithium-ion batteries are basically carbon materials, such as artificial graphite, natural graphite, mesocarbon microspheres, petroleum coke, carbon fiber, pyrolysis resin carbon, etc. The second is tin-based negative electrode material: tin-based negative electrode material can be divided into two kinds of tin oxide and tin-based composite oxide. Oxides refer to oxides of metal tin in various valence states. The third is the lithium-containing transition metal nitride anode material. The fourth is alloy-based negative electrode materials: including tin-based alloys, silicon-based alloys, germanium-based alloys, aluminum-based alloys, antimony-based alloys, magnesium-based alloys and other alloys. The fifth is nanoscale anode materials: carbon nanotube and nanoalloy materials.
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  • Lithium Battery Current Collector Materials Shipped To India
    Jun 10,2022.

    Lithium Battery Current Collector Materials Shipped To India

    Today, our lithium battery current collector materials are packaged and shipped to India, mainly in the following categories:Aluminum foil;Copper foil;Nickel foam;’Carbon cloth;Carbon coated aluminum foil , etc. The current collector is one of the indispensable components in the lithium-ion battery. It can not only carry the active material, but also collect and output the current generated by the electrode active material, which is beneficial to reduce the internal resistance of the lithium-ion battery and improve the battery's performance. Coulombic efficiency, cycling stability and rate capability. We are AOTELEC, we not only provide battery materials, but also battery equipment, please contact me if you need.
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  • How to improve the infiltration effect of the electrolyte on the pole piece
    May 27,2022.

    How to improve the infiltration effect of the electrolyte on the pole piece

    The electrolyte is an ionic conductor that conducts conduction between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. During the charging and discharging process, lithium ions are transported back and forth between the positive and negative electrodes. The infiltration of the electrode piece by the electrolyte involves the three-phase contact of solid, liquid and gas.When the electrolyte is injected into the battery case, the air in the case should be discharged from the electrolyte first, and then the electrolyte will adhere to the surface of the positive and negative active materials. Some electrolytes will enter between the positive electrode-separator-negative electrode through the separator of the winding core.With the continuation of time, there will be the phenomenon that the electrolyte infiltrates the pole piece and the electrolyte in the diaphragm reversely infiltrates the pole piece. When the standing time is long to a certain extent, under the action of surface tension, the infiltration of the pole piece reaches a balanced state. How to improve the wettability of electrolyte: (1) Improve the liquid injection process (2) Improve the core winding process (3) Add electrolyte wetting agent
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  • Lithium Ion Battery Raw Material Aluminum Laminated Film Shipped To Korea
    May 18,2022.

    Lithium Ion Battery Raw Material Aluminum Laminated Film Shipped To Korea

    Lithium Ion Battery Raw Material Aluminum Laminated Film Shipped To Korea Yesterday, three boxes of lithium Ion battery raw material aluminum laminated filmshipped to Korea.Because this customer urgently needs this product, we will arrange production immediately after receiving the order.According to the size set by the customer, in order to meet the needs of the customer, we speed up the production and arrange the delivery the next day. The customer is very satisfied and will continue to purchase other battery materials and equipment next time.Thank you very much for your trust. Aluminum laminated film is one of the five major materials of lithium ion battery, and it is pouch lithium battery packaging materials. The aluminum laminated film consists of outer nylon layer/adhesive/intermediate aluminum foil/adhesive/internal heat seal layer. We can also supply 88um, 152um thickness, as well as aluminium laminated case with customized size.
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  • Desktop Battery Test Constant Temperature Chamber 25L
    May 10,2022.

    Desktop Battery Test Constant Temperature Chamber 25L

    Mainly used for button battery, new energy soft pack polymer battery temperature performance test. battery test constant temperature chamber maximizes space utilization, with a capacity of 25 liters, 2 channels per tray, 4 layers, and a total of 32 button battery tests. (Battery I≤100mA) Through the BTS host computer control system to achieve integrated operation, work together, and maximize the battery characteristics and functions Main application: Control the test temperature to change between 15-60℃, and test the charge-discharge capacity performance and cycle stability of lithium-ion batteries under different temperature environments. The system consists of two parts, a constant temperature test box and a tester. There is also Constant Temperature Test Chamber mainly used for button battery and 3C soft pack battery temperature test. It has the characteristics that 160 button batteries can be placed when the equipment is empty, and the BTS host computer control integrated operation. Mainly for research institutions, universities and battery production enterprise experimental centers.
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  • What Is The Function Of Lithium Battery Automatic Sorting Machine
    May 7,2022.

    What Is The Function Of Lithium Battery Automatic Sorting Machine

    The lithium-ion battery sorting machine is a testing and sorting equipment for the internal resistance, voltage and other parameters of cylindrical batteries. It comes with a high-precision internal resistance and voltage automatic testing system.The device sends the battery to the specified gear according to the internal resistance and voltage value set on the computer software, and the system can achieve 5-20 grades of sorting. Lithium-ion battery active sorting machine is suitable for electric vehicle battery packs, street light battery packs, car battery modules, balance car battery packs, scooter battery packs, mobile power supplies, starting battery pack modules, laptop battery packs, and batteries for power tool battery packs Voltage and internal resistance test sorting. 1. The lithium-ion battery active sorting machine adopts a new hopper-type active feeding structure, which has high-speed and stable feeding, no impact and scratches on the battery; and is suitable for direct manual feeding of different material boxes, which can realize uninterrupted production; 2. The detection part of the 18650 battery sorting machine adopts a high-precision and high-stability internal resistance detector, and the feeding part adopts a high-speed and high-stability feeding mechanism; 3. The pick-and-place manipulator of the 18650 automatic sorting machine adopts the servo manipulator multi-PCS pick-and-place structure, so that the time for each battery is less than 1 second; 4. The sorting box of the lithium-ion battery automatic sorting machine adopts a 5-20 gear structure, which has the function of full material alarm, and the door at the end of the material box is convenient and quick to discharge; 5. The internal resistance and voltage detection results of the battery sorting machine of the lithium-ion battery automatic sorting machine are analyzed by the computer to generate classification data, and at the same time, the curve and bar charts are generated, which is convenient for intuitive calculation and display of mass production quality.the detection system has the function of database, which can query, calculate and export the historical detection data.
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  • Lithium Battery Materials Shipped To Finland
    Apr 19,2022.

    Lithium Battery Materials Shipped To Finland

    2022/4/19 ,Lithium Battery Cathode Materials and Lithium Battery Anode Materials shipped to Finland ,Including Aluminum Foil Coated With LiFePO4,Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil ,Electrolytic Copper Foil etc. This customer bought an electric battery crimping machine,this is a compact Pressure Adjustable Electric Crimper for CR20XX coin cells, such as CR2016, CR2025, CR2032. The digital pressure controller can keep crimping force consistent at each time. The compact size of crimper machine allows you put it inside the glove box. If you need battery materials and battery equipment Please feel free to contact me.
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