• 250mm Doctor Blade Shipped to Singapore
    Jul 23,2021.

    250mm Doctor Blade Shipped to Singapore

    250mm Doctor Blade Shipped to Singapore Wet film applicator, also called as doctor blade, it is a good device for lab coin cell battery electrode making, update to digital display, very nice for researcher to coat slurry on the copper foil and aluminum foil. Dr.Anees from Singapore who sent inquiry to us on alibaba platform, he was interested in 250mm coating width and equipped with slurry guide plate on the doctor blade for better pour into the slurry. The doctor blade is made by stainless steel material, make wet film thickness between 0 - 5000 microns and the display accuracy is 1 microns. We have it in stock, so we arrange delivery in 48 hours after they confirm and pay the order.
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  • The difficulty of battery electrolyte VC additives
    Jul 7,2021.

    The difficulty of battery electrolyte VC additives

    The difficulty of electrolyte VC additives   Introduction:Vinylene carbonate (VC) is a common SEI film forming additive. VC polymerizes on the surface of the negative electrode in a lithium ion battery to form a dense SEI film, thereby preventing further reduction and decomposition of the battery electrolyte on the surface of the anode electrode.   Since the beginning of this year, the supply of electrolyte additive VC has continued to be tight, and the VC additive gap has continued to grow. Some electrolyte additive manufacturers have placed VC orders in the first half of 2022.   At present, the quotation of VC bulk orders has soared to 270,000/ton, an increase of 68%-80% from the average market price of 150,000 to 160,000 last year. And VC manufacturers have the same words, "The core issue now is not price, but production capacity."   VC additives are mainly used to improve the capacity and cycle life of batteries. As the proportion of VC added to lithium iron phosphate batteries is much higher than that of NCM batteries, as the production and sales of lithium iron phosphate continue to pick up, the supply of VC continues to increase.   The preparation method of VC additive is relatively open, but the purity of the product is required to be high, because traces of impurities may affect the performance of the lithium battery.   At the same time, the production of VC additives has a certain degree of danger, and has high requirements for safe production and environmental protection. The relevant management departments have strict requirements for the construction, commissioning, and operation of projects involving hazardous chemicals.   It is worth mentioning that previously, due to less market demand for VCs, fierce price war competition, and strict control of production under environmental supervision, a number of VC manufacturers cut production and stopped production last year. It is more difficult to resume production in the later stage, which greatly reduces the overall supply of VC.   In order to ensure the supply of production capacity, Hankang Chemical (Xinzhoubang Holding Subsidiary), Zhejiang Tianshuo (Tianci Materials Holding Subsidiary), Suzhou Huayi (October Co., Ltd.), Huasheng Lithium Battery, Yongtai Technology, etc. are all in Accelerate the expansion of the deployment of additives. However, limited by VC's technology, patent barriers, and process requirements, it is difficult to expand production. It is expected that the VC gap may continue until the second half of next year.
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  • Hot Roller Press Machine AOT-HRP-100 shipped to USA
    Jun 18,2021.

    Hot Roller Press Machine AOT-HRP-100 shipped to USA

    Hot Roller Press Machine AOT-HRP-100 shipped to USA Thank you for the trust from Dr.Kevin from Cornell University, as we know, Cornell University located in New York, USA, is the world's top private research university. The school is one of the 14 founding colleges of the American Association of Universities and one of the eight members of the famous Ivy League school. As a trial order, he chose to buy a electric roller press machine with heating function for battery elecrode sheet calendering. This 100mm width roller press is ideal equipment for lab coin cell research, with heating function, it is good for battery electrode sheet thinning and calendering. The pictures below for your reference:
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  • CATL's long-term order locks in lithium hexafluorophosphate
    May 31,2021.

    CATL's long-term order locks in lithium hexafluorophosphate

    CATL's long-term order locks in lithium hexafluorophosphate On May 28, Tinci Materials announced that Ningde Kaixin, a wholly-owned subsidiary, and Ningde Times signed the "Material Supply Framework Agreement", stipulating that Ningde Kai will be within the validity period of the agreement (from the effective date of the agreement to June 30, 2022). Xin supplied CATL with an amount of electrolyte corresponding to the expected usage of 15,000 tons of lithium hexafluorophosphate (up or down not more than 20% can be negotiated by both parties). According to industry estimates, based on a single ton of electrolyte demand of 0.135 tons of lithium hexafluorophosphate, 15,000 tons of lithium hexafluorophosphate corresponds to about 110,000 tons of electrolyte, which can support 100±20% GWh lithium battery demand. This means that CATL's power battery capacity demand can reach 100GWh by the end of June 2022. CATL locks in the electrolyte supply of Tinci materials and the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate through long-term orders and advance payments, which fully reflects the increase in the bargaining power of lithium hexafluorophosphate, and further reflects the current situation that downstream demand is strong and the supply of lithium hexafluorophosphate products exceeds supply. Industry data shows that on May 19, the market price of lithium hexafluorophosphate rose again, quoting 270,000-310,000 yuan/ton. Since the beginning of this year, the domestic price of lithium hexafluorophosphate has risen from 110,000 yuan/ton to the latest 270,000 yuan/ton, an increase of over 145%, a 4-year high. At the same time, companies including Duo Fluoride, Tianji, Jiujiu Jiu and other companies have substantially increased their lithium hexafluorophosphate quotations. For example, Tianji announced in late April that the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate products will be increased by 15%-20% based on the existing quotations. It is expected that demand will continue to pick up in 2021, and the gap between supply and demand will widen. The wave of price increases will continue until 2022, especially when new energy vehicles enter the peak production and sales season in the second half of 2021. Prices are expected to continue to rise and continue to consolidate at a high level.
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  • Electrolyte Fluorinated Lithium Salt LIFSI Become
    May 25,2021.

    Electrolyte Fluorinated Lithium Salt LIFSI Become "new force"

    Electrolyte fluorinated lithium salt LIFSI --"new force"   As the "blood" of lithium batteries, electrolyte is essential for performance such as energy density, high and low temperature, cycle life, and safety. In the electrolyte, the solute lithium salt determines its basic physical and chemical properties, so it has also become a key variable that affects the performance of the battery.   Under the general trend of high-voltage and high-nickel power lithium batteries, the introduction of new lithium salts and additives to optimize the electrolyte formulation, and thereby empower the overall performance of the battery, is becoming the consensus of domestic and foreign battery companies.   Aiming at new opportunities in the upstream lithium salt field brought about by the evolution of power lithium battery technology, a number of emerging lithium salt and additive companies in China have begun to grow rapidly and have become "new forces" with great potential and stamina for the development of the industry.    Tianzhu Hong Fluoride Lithium Industry is one of them. Figure1: Tianzhu Hong Fluoride Lithium Industry “In the next few years, the market application window for new lithium salts represented by LiFSI is rapidly opening, and companies with technical reserves and rapid industrialization capabilities will enter the fast lane of rapid development.” This is the judgment of Cao Bin, chairman of Hong Fluoride Lithium.   Up to now, Macrofluorolithium has successfully realized the industrial production of lithium hexafluorophosphate, lithium difluorophosphate, lithium difluorooxalate borate, lithium tetrafluoroborate, and lithium bisoxalate borate. At the same time, it has made a forward-looking layout in the industrialization of the new lithium salt LiFSI.   In the short term, due to technical difficulty and high cost, LiFSI has not been directly used as a solute lithium salt, but as a solute additive mixed with LiPF6 for use in the electrolyte of a ternary power battery to improve performance.   Compare with LiFSI and LiPF6   Compare Item LiFSI LiPF6 Basic Substance  Molecular weight 187 152 Electric conductivity High slightly lower  Heat stability High Low Hydrolyzability Hydrolysis resistance, no hydrofluoric acid production Easily hydrolyzed to produce hydrofluoric acid Battery Performance Cycle life Long Short High temperature performance Good Bad Gas expansion Suppress battery swelling The battery swells Safety High Big safety hazard But in the medium and long term, with the realization of large-scale production and substantial cost reduction, LiFSI will gradually replace LiPF6. Start a new era of lithium salt. Judging from the market trends in recent years, more and more companies are turning their attention to LiFSI.
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