Large size cylindrical battery
Apr 14,2021.
Large size cylindrical battery "turmoil"

The breakthrough of full-tab technology and the parallel ternary/iron-lithium technology have made the advantages of the large cylinder in terms of performance, cost and safety more obvious. The broadening of the application scenario boundary and the follow-up of head battery companies also allow large cylindrical batteries to regain a place in the power battlefield.

After the Tesla battery day, the 4680 non-electrode (also known as all-electrode) large cylindrical technical route was proposed. Immediately afterwards, a number of OEMs and battery companies accelerated their actions in the field of large cylindrical batteries.

As one of Tesla's three major power battery suppliers, CATL is also actively deploying large cylindrical batteries, mainly targeting the two-wheeled vehicle market. At the same time, it does not rule out the introduction of large cylindrical batteries into the passenger car field.

In terms of high-end passenger cars, in addition to having Tesla's market endorsement, Porsche also made it clear that cylindrical batteries are an important future direction for power batteries, and it is studying high-power, high-density batteries.

The clear market trend is down, and battery companies are quickly following up. In addition to Panasonic and LG have begun to deploy 4680 battery production lines for Tesla, domestic battery companies have also unveiled the progress of 4680 batteries.

BAK Chief Scientist Lin Jian said that BAK is cooperating with customers on the application and development of all-tab large cylindrical batteries. 4680 battery cell samples are expected to be mass-produced within this year, and mass production is expected to start in 2023, and will be the first to be applied in the car electronics market.

BAK 4680 Cylindrical Battery

Ji Yajuan, director of Yiwei Lithium Energy Basic Materials and Technology Research Office, also said that the company has deployed two major models of 46800 and 46950 in large cylindrical batteries, and will gradually promote large cylindrical batteries in the market after 2023.

EVE Cylindrical 4680 Battery

After the completion of large-scale mass production and initial market introduction, the market competition of the large cylinder may have just begun.

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