Electrolyte Fluorinated Lithium Salt LIFSI Become "new force"
May 25,2021.

Electrolyte fluorinated lithium salt LIFSI --"new force"


As the "blood" of lithium batteries, electrolyte is essential for performance such as energy density, high and low temperature, cycle life, and safety. In the electrolyte, the solute lithium salt determines its basic physical and chemical properties, so it has also become a key variable that affects the performance of the battery.


Under the general trend of high-voltage and high-nickel power lithium batteries, the introduction of new lithium salts and additives to optimize the electrolyte formulation, and thereby empower the overall performance of the battery, is becoming the consensus of domestic and foreign battery companies.


Aiming at new opportunities in the upstream lithium salt field brought about by the evolution of power lithium battery technology, a number of emerging lithium salt and additive companies in China have begun to grow rapidly and have become "new forces" with great potential and stamina for the development of the industry. 


Tianzhu Hong Fluoride Lithium Industry is one of them.

Tianzhu Hong Fluoride Lithium Industry

Figure1: Tianzhu Hong Fluoride Lithium Industry

“In the next few years, the market application window for new lithium salts represented by LiFSI is rapidly opening, and companies with technical reserves and rapid industrialization capabilities will enter the fast lane of rapid development.” This is the judgment of Cao Bin, chairman of Hong Fluoride Lithium.


Up to now, Macrofluorolithium has successfully realized the industrial production of lithium hexafluorophosphate, lithium difluorophosphate, lithium difluorooxalate borate, lithium tetrafluoroborate, and lithium bisoxalate borate. At the same time, it has made a forward-looking layout in the industrialization of the new lithium salt LiFSI.


In the short term, due to technical difficulty and high cost, LiFSI has not been directly used as a solute lithium salt, but as a solute additive mixed with LiPF6 for use in the electrolyte of a ternary power battery to improve performance.


Compare with LiFSI and LiPF6


Compare Item



Basic Substance

 Molecular weight



Electric conductivity


slightly lower

 Heat stability




Hydrolysis resistance, no hydrofluoric acid production

Easily hydrolyzed to produce hydrofluoric acid

Battery Performance

Cycle life



High temperature performance



Gas expansion

Suppress battery swelling

The battery swells



Big safety hazard

But in the medium and long term, with the realization of large-scale production and substantial cost reduction, LiFSI will gradually replace LiPF6. Start a new era of lithium salt. Judging from the market trends in recent years, more and more companies are turning their attention to LiFSI.

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