Advanced methods for intelligent manufacturing of lithium battery electrodes
Dec 23,2020.
The expansion plan of power battery drives lithium battery equipment. The existing relatively clear battery expansion plan corresponds to a total of 198.1 billion yuan in lithium battery equipment procurement needs in 2019-2025; the average annual growth rate of lithium battery equipment investment is about 23%, and overseas equipment is higher than China.

From the product level, the core equipment of the front-end process mainly includes a battery coating machine and a battery electrode roller press. Among them, the technical indicators of the coating machine include coating speed, width, thickness and precision, deviation correction, tension control and drying technology. The current localization rate has reached 70-80%, and the core components of high-precision control such as the coating head still need to be imported.
Lithium Battery Electorde Coating Machine
Based on this, Li focused on the three major product series of Jin Yinhe lithium battery slurry twin-screw continuous automatic production line, double-sided simultaneous coating machine, and two-stage simultaneous roll-pressing and battery electrode slitting machine.

Among them, the battery slurry twin-screw continuous automatic production line currently has 85 normal production lines, including models such as 65 machines, 75 machines, 95 machines, and 125 machines.

Li said that the equipment's single production line requires only 1-2 people, and produces 600-2500L/h slurry per hour, with a capacity covering 1-9GWh, realizing continuous conveying and metering, with an accuracy of 0.2%, and the same capacity as the conventional mixer technology. By comparison, it can save 1.4-91.9 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.
Lithium Battery Electorde Calendering Machine
The Jin Yinhe double-sided simultaneous coating machine will be mass-produced and sold in 2020. Compared with equipment with the same capacity, the reduction of one layer of oven effectively reduces energy consumption and energy saving by 30-40%; at the same time, the procurement cost is reduced by about 10-20%, and the operating cost is reduced by 30% the above.
In addition, the height of the equipment is reduced by 1/3, and the transition device in the unwinding and unwinding area is eliminated in the length direction, saving about 6m of length space with a single device.

Finally, Li emphasized that the two-stage simultaneous roll pressing and slitting machine is designed to increase the compaction density of pole pieces and solve the problem of high-pressure rolling of pole pieces. This product is also the first domestic application to be used in the lithium battery industry; Problems such as sheet bounce and overpressure on the pole surface; in a true sense, the problem of wrinkling in the foil area of the high-speed stripe roller pressure is solved.
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