Main Model Of The Lithium Battery Industry
Apr 13,2022.

In 2022, Lyric Robot will bring nine main models to customers in the lithium battery industry: power cutting and stacking machine, laser die-cutting and slitting machine, high-speed power winding machine, long-cell laser welding machine, high-speed wide-width coating machine , into a capacity integrated machine, long battery assembly line, module and PACK line, intelligent storage, etc.

High-speed wide-width coating machine

Lyric Robot Coater has a maximum width of 1600mm and a coating speed of 90-100m/min, which meets the performance requirements of thin substrates and provides more stable areal density control. While improving the coating speed and range, it can effectively solve the problems of cracks, wrinkles, uneven drying, metal leakage, scratches and other problems in terms of pole piece quality.

battery coating machine

Laser die cutting and slitting machine
At present, the new generation of "one-out multi-laser die-cutting machine" covers an area of only 10m×2.3m, which can replace 2-3 one-out, two-vertical die-cutting machines.One machine can complete a variety of discharge methods such as one/two/four/six, etc.At the same time, it has the S-shaped cutting function, which saves more foil. The equipment uses Lyric Robot's innovative composite cutting cavity forming technology to solve the persistent problems of dust accumulation and pole piece jitter, and meet more production needs.

Power cutting and stacking machine
Lyric Robot's power cutting and stacking machine adopts high-speed lamination process, and the current lamination speed can reach 0.15s/pcs, which greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality rate of power batteries.

stacking machine for lithium battery

High Speed Power Winder
Lyric Robot's high-speed power winding machine can achieve high-efficiency production of 6-meter-long pole pieces of 12ppm, and the product quality rate exceeds 99.5%, which can effectively meet the needs of super-large power batteries in the future.

Long cell laser welding machine
Lyric Robot Laser Welding Machine uses high-speed motion control combined with PSO welding technology, the welding speed can reach more than 300mm/s, and the production yield can reach more than 99.5%. At the same time, various welding structures such as horizontal unilateral/bilateral side welding can be provided to meet the customized needs of customers.

Long cell assembly line
Lyric Robot's long battery cell assembly line uses the long battery cell tab bending process. Through all-round dust removal and key coating mechanisms, the corresponding glue method is adopted for different product structures, which improves the quality of long battery cells from the root. High-speed mass production. At present, the production capacity of the whole line reaches 12ppm.

Module PACK line
Lyric Robot's latest generation of modules and PACK lines have a production capacity of up to: >40ppm for module lines and 64JPH for PACK lines. So far, hundreds of project experiences have been accumulated. In the field of power batteries, Lyric Robot's module PACK line has achieved full coverage of cylindrical, square shell and pouch cell batteries.

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